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We are a modern and agile operator that offers interpreter service by listening to the customer’s needs. Tell us what kind of help you need, and we search for the solution suitable for your needs. We provide services in over 80 languages for taking care of every day matters, for multilingual public events and even in challenging court situations.

We offer varied interpreter services for different kind of needs, for example for conferences and other spoken events as well as to help carry out different tasks. The high-quality and professional interpreter service is meant for official authorities as well for business and private individuals. Official authorities can be, for example, police stations, courts, refugee centres, social service offices, health centres and refugee advice services.

we are a finish translation company which provides interpretation servicecs around finlad. our customers are happy with our services

“We were happy with the simultaneous interpreting ordered from you. We made the request with an express timetable, but everything went without complications – we received an offer from you quickly as well as the confirmation about the possibility to do the interpretation.

We will be in contact with you if there is need for interpretation in the future. Thank you for good service.”

Sanna Suomalainen

Sanoma Pro Oy

Our services

Interpreting in-person

In-person interpreting is used for taking care of everyday tasks, such as when an official authority, private individual or business needs interpreting help. Apart from everyday tasks, typical situations for in-person interpreting are interviews, questionings and negotiations.

Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting makes it possible for all those participating in a conference or other type of public event to understand the content of the speeches. We offer simultaneous interpretingconsecutive interpreting. You can also get the interpreting equipment!

Phone interpreting

We also do community interpreting in a flexible manner on a phone if the customer needs help in communicating in a different language and the physical presence of the interpreter is not essential. The phone interpreting is a fast and economical way of taking care of different matters.

Juridical interpreting

Juridical interpreting might be needed in different kinds of juridical situations. Juridical interpreting is usually consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting. Absolute impartiality and juridical knowledge are required from the interpreter.

Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting?

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