We offer high-quality conference interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting

We do simultaneous interpreting, in which the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time, but the interpreted version goes directly to the earbuds of those listeners who need it.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting is a more economical option than consecutive interpreting. The whispered interpreting is done with portable equipment or without it.

However, this method is more suitable for smaller public events.

Consecutive interpreting

The way consecutive interpreting works is that the speaker and the interpreter take turns.
Offer all listeners a chance to understand the content of the speech and reserve consecutive interpreting.


We also offer high-quality interpreting equipment for your use.

Soundproof interpreting booths and equipment through which the interpreter’s speech is transferred to the listeners’ headphones are used in simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaani-, kuiskaus- vai konsekutiivitulkkaus?

Choose the right interpreting service for your event!