In these situations, you need an official translation which is made by an authorized translator.

When you are confronted with a situation in which you need a legally valid translation of a specific document, you should turn to an authorized translator. An authorized translator certifies the document in such manner, that it is legally valid. This means that it has the same force as the original document.

An authorized translator translates official documents from one language to another. The most common situation is, that an individual is applying to a foreign school and the institution requires a legally valid certificate of previous studies in the language of the destination country. For that, not just any translation will do, but a stamp of an authorized translation is required on the paper. That confirms that the document is legally valid and identical to the original document.

An authorized translator is an individual, who has completed a separate degree, so not just any translator can make legally valid translations. Apart from school certificates, the services of an authorized translator might be needed in situations which have to do with court decisions, marriage certificates, inheritance and other similar kind of documents. However, it is recommendable to make sure beforehand if the situation requires the stamp of an authorized translator or not – it is not always needed.

Most of the legally valid translations are made for private individuals, legal offices and official authorities. These documents are usually confidential and deal with a legal process or a court decision which must be delivered, for one reason or another, to another country in the language of the receiving country.

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