Phone interpreting in over 80 languages at hand

When the interpreting is needed fast, the interpreting is short, or the interpreter does not necessarily need to be on-site,ا phone interpreting is usually the best option. It is possible to get phone interpreting also in a very fast schedule.

Phone interpreting is also an economical and ecological choice.

Telehpone interpreting is especially suitable, when:

  • Interpreting is needed for a short time
  • Interpreting is needed fast
  • It is not possible to obtain interpreting for the language or speciality in question in the region.

The benefits of phone interpreting are:

  • No travel costs or the environmental impact caused by travelling
  • Nopea saatavuus, tulkki käytettävissä alle kymmennessä minuutissa tilauksesta
  • more interpreters in use. Especially when there is an acute need for interpreting it is easier to find an available interpreter.
  • Improves the availability of unusual interpreting languages
  • Reduces the risk of conflict of interests. Especially with small language groups helps when dealing with sensitive situations, as the interpreter can be reserved from another region.