Simultaneous interpreting

Reserve simultaneous interpreting for a multilingual conference.

Reserve high-quality simultaneous interpreting for a multilingual conference, meeting or other event from us. Give the audience an opportunity to understand the presentations in their own mother tongue. You can just concentrate on the guests and organizing the event – we take care of the rest.

Simultaneous interpreting is a handy way of translating the speeches just for those participants who need interpreting. In this way, the interpreting does not interrupt the concentration of others. During simultaneous interpreting the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time, but the interpreter’s speech is transferred from a soundproof booth directly to the headphones of those needing it. The equipment has a separate channel for each language, so the content of the conference can be translated to various language simultaneously.

Simultaneous interpreting saves time as the interpreting is instantaneous and the presentations are not held in turns in two different languages.

”We were happy with the simultaneous interpreting ordered from you. We made the request with an express timetable, but everything went without complications – we received an offer from you quickly as well as the confirmation about the possibility to do the interpretation.

We will be in contact with you if there is need for interpretation in the future. Thank you for good service.”

Sanna Suomalainen

Sanoma Pro Oy

Simultaani-, kuiskaus- vai konsekutiivitulkkaus?

Choose the right interpreting service for your event!

What kind of equipment does simultaneous interpreting require?

We handle the conference interpreting with high level of professionalism and based on a ‘everything-included’-principle. We also bring high quality equipment to the location, install it ready to be used and take care of interpreting in all desired languages.

A multilingual conference could not go easier than this!

“We requested simultaneous interpreting and proofreading service for a representative event from Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu, which made it possible for a maximum number of people to attend. We felt that there was professional interpreting going on the whole time. I got the feeling that the practice was very professional, and everything worked well in the event.”

Tarja Vuolevi-Mykkänen

Honkarakenne Oyj

If simultaneous interpreting is not suitable for your event, what other options exist for conference interpreting?

If simultaneous interpreting is not suitable for your event, what other options exist for conference interpreting? Get to know also the other options that can be used in conferences or other spoken events. Our multilingual and professional interpreters help you in all situations. If the event is clearly bilingual, choose consecutive interpreting in which the speaker and the interpreter take turns in performing in different languages. If there are only a few members of the audience who need interpreting, whispered interpreting is recommended.

Consecutive interpreting

Whispered interpreting

We take care of the interpreting and all the technology.

You can get all the different fields of conference interpreting from us:


  • simultaneous interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • whispered interpreting


  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment & interpreter booths
  • Microphones and sound reinforcement
  • Interpreting Technician

You can concentrate fully and without a worry on the content of your event and the audience, we take care of the interpreting and all the technology.

Read more about equipment.

”Everything was perfect and even better. The interpreter had a really professional approach. Our guests were satisfied.

I would like to thank you for your help!”

Aleksandra Bobryk

HOLO Sp. j, Poland

”We have requested interpreting for events and simultaneous interpreting as well as translation services in various different languages, such as English, Japanese and Russian. The contact person from Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu took care of the requests well and everything went brilliantly – as a client, we felt happy and secure. When things started to progress, all went well from start to finish. We were very satisfied with their service and operations."

Taina Oksanen

Luovat Palvelut Oy

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