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Whispered interpreting is one form of simultaneous interpreting, which is done with a portable equipment or without equipment. Because the interpreting is done, as the name suggests, by whispering, it can be offered without equipment to a maximum of two members of the audience at the time. The interpreter sits amongst the audience and translates the speaker’s words simultaneously to those individuals who sit close by. With portable equipment the interpreting can be offered to up to dozens of participants.

Whispered interpreting is a more economical option than simultaneous interpreting, but its problem is that it is hard on the vocal chords of the speaker and can disturb those sitting close. The whispered interpreting can also be done with a portable equipment and, in this case, the interpreter translates the speeches in a low and quiet voice to a microphone among the audience and the sound in transferred to the earbuds of those needing interpreting. However, this method is more suitable for small public events.

What kind of equipment does whispered interpreting require?

Separate equipment is not required for whispered interpreting, because the interpreting is done in a quiet voice for a few persons sitting close by. You should note that whispered interpreting can only be done if there are a maximum of two people who need interpreting. If there are more members of the audience who need interpreting, we recommend that you get to know our simultaneous interpreting service which uses equipment that makes it possible to do the interpretation through headphones.

When considering whispered interpreting, it is always good to consider those sitting close by so that their concentration is not disturbed. Additionally, it is also good to remember that whispering is hard on the vocal chords, so several interpreters should be reserved for a longer event.

What other kinds of interpreting methods can you order?

You should also get to know out other interpreting options which can be used in multilingual conferences or other spoken events. Our interpreters are professional and experienced and speak several languages. If there is a multilingual audience and limited time, choose simultaneous interpreting where the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time and the translation is transferred to the listener’s headphones. If the event is clearly bilingual and there is more time, you should get to know consecutive interpreting where the speaker and the interpreter take turns in speaking.

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