Community interpreting

You can get high-quality community interpreting from us for all everyday situations


We assist in the conversation between the official authority and the client so that the different parties understand each other. If you need interpreting help for example for taking care of everyday tasks, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can take care of the community interpreting in a flexible manner, fast schedule and economical price. We are bounded by obligation of discretion, so your matters are kept safely guarded.

Asioimistulkkausta voidaan tarvita arjen asioiden hoitamisen lisäksi esimerkiksi haastattelu- tai kuulustelutilanteessa sekä erilaisissa neuvotteluissa. Laajasta ammattilaisten joukosta löydämme avuksesi juuri sopivan henkilön. Puhumme yli 80:tä eri kieltä ja toimimme ympäri Suomen!

You can find in-person interpreting, phone interpreting or video interpreting from our selection, so tell us what you need, and we find the suitable solution for you.

"We have ordered interpreting services several times when interpreting has been necessary. We have always received the confirmation about the possibility to do the interpretation quickly after the contact request. The service has been flexible and our cooperation continues."

Leena Pietiläinen

Meeting place Poukama

Our services

Interpreting in-person

If you need help in taking care of tasks or with any other situation that requires language capacities, contact us. We do in-person interpreting in a flexible manner around Finland. Our professional interpreters assist you in all situations in over 80 languages. We are bounded by obligation of discretion, so you can trust without a worry: your matters remain confidential.

Phone interpreting

You can also request phone interpreting from us! Phone interpreting is suitable for situations in which the interpreting help is required urgently, the interpreting is quite short, and the interpreter does not necessarily need to be on-site. The method is used, for example, to assist in everyday tasks.

Phone interpreting can be arranged also in a fast schedule and offered in a more economical price because it does not generate travel expenses.

Video interpreting

We can also do video interpreting if you need help in everyday tasks or in any other situation that requires interpreting and wish to have video connection to support you. This solution makes it possible to have high-quality visual interpreting from distance everywhere in Finland and also abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact us and tells us in what kind of situation you need assistance.