Appropriate and impartial juridical interpreting

Teemme asianmukaista, ammattimaista ja puolueetonta oikeustulkkausta, jonka tarkoituksena on asiakkaan oikeusturvan toteutuminen. Tulkkaus tapahtuu oikeusistuimessa kansalaisten oikeusturvaan liittyvissä asioissa, joita ovat esimerkiksi tuomioistuinten, poliisin ja maahanmuuttoviraston prosessit. Tällaiset tilanteet ovat yhä yleisempiä kansainvälistymisen lisääntyessä.

Our juridical interpreters master juridical jargon and common expressions in both of their working languages. With the help of the interpreter, the client can represent themselves in their own mother tongue, which is the main thing to avoid misunderstandings.

We are a reliable and impartial actor who wants to ensure the legal protection of the citizens. Don’t think twice; contact us already today!

Juridisissa tilanteissa käytössä ovat yleensä joko consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting is successive interpreting in which the speaker and the interpreter take turns in speaking for a few minutes at the time. Simultaneous interpreting is immediate in such way that the translation goes directly to the headphones of those needing it.

The interpreting is done both ways between the interpreter’s mother tongue and usually one foreign language. In the court processes, the proceedings of the session, meaning also the interpreting, is often recorded.

In juridical interpreting, absolute obligation of discretion and impartiality are the starting point for everything. Juridical interpreting is only done my experienced professional interpreters who know the legal vocabulary and practices.

"My order in phone interpreting went in a best possible way. Thanks to the interpreter."

Pasi Leinonen

Legal Office Pasi Markus Leinonen Oy