Simultaneous interpreting

Reserve simultaneous interpreting for a multilingual conference.

Reserve high-quality simultaneous interpreting for a multilingual conference, meeting or other event from us. Give the audience an opportunity to understand the presentations in their own mother tongue. You can just concentrate on the guests and organizing the event – we take care of the rest.

Simultaneous interpreting is concurrent interpreting which is usually used in larger speaker events with dozens or hundreds of participants. If there are members of the audience, who do not understand the presenting language, it is possible to arrange a simultaneous interpreting for them. That means that the interpreter sits in a soundproof interpreting booth and translates the speech simultaneously to a microphone, from which the translation is transferred to the ear buds of those listeners who need it. In this way the presentation can be interpreted to several people at the same time without disturbing the other audience members.

Simultaneous interpreting saves time as the interpreting is instantaneous and the presentations are not held in turns in two different languages.